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Ben Pinchback

Vision, Hair, Finance, & Podcasting

STR: 13   DEX: 14   CON: 14    WIS: 14    INT: 15    CHA: 24

Ben Pinchback is a full time engineer and father of five. For the last ten years, his most rewarding venture has been designing board games with his lifelong friend Matt Riddle. Ben's latest obsession is pushing the limits of pencil and paper with strategic roll and writes. Ben, his wife Rebekah, and their five kids are living the dream in suburban Detroit. Ben plays Blue.


Matt Riddle

Management, Logistics, & Celebrity

STR: 16   DEX: 14   CON: 12    WIS: 12    INT: 17    CHA: 10

Matt is a husband and father of two lovely college students. He is an engineer, all around geek, and is sneaky athletic for a fat guy. He keeps his sanity by designing board games you may or may not have heard of; playing video games you probably have heard of, and eating. Matt plays non-traditional colors.

Adam - Pink Shirt.jpg

Adam Hill

Prototyping, Website, Graphic Design

STR: 10   DEX: 8   CON: 16    WIS: 15    INT: 15    CHA: 12

Adam Hill is a pastor, teacher, and game designer from Rochester, Michigan (a suburb of Detroit). Adam especially enjoys spending time with his wife, Kelly, and son, Cooper. Hobbies include making music and drawing house plans (yeah... really). Roll Tide! Adam plays Red.

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